PearlNet, LLC specializes in providing cost effective, business process solutions through aggregated services based on proven technologies and practices. This enables our clients to cost effectively migrate more of their operations to automated online solutions producing a highly leveraged and immediate return on investment. Our comprehensive suite of capabilities range from software solutions to network and cabling infrastructure to IT hosting and managed services.

Adding to our list of products and services, video expertise has been developed to include turn key Command and Control video systems, video conferencing and distant learning, conference and boardroom technology facilitate development, sharing, and dissemination of ideas to groups.


112th Signal Battalion, FT Bragg, NC

Design, Develop, and Install Mission Support Center AV & VTC.

Completely refurbished the existing Mission Support Center, removing all old equipment, then cabling and rewiring the rooms, and installing a raised floor, as well as installing new furniture to support the new Mission Support Center functionality.

145th Airlift Wing, NCANG Charlotte, NC

Designed and integrated existing GFE equipment, and upgraded the 145th AW Audio/Video Briefing Center into a self-contained rack mounted system with wireless controls via a Creston wireless touch panel, including control for room lighting, lighted briefing signs, systems inputs (CATV, VHS/DVD player, overhead projector, cameras, and Army and Air Force external Conference Centers), retractable video screen, and volume controls for all sound systems.


Redesigned and rebuilding the Audio/Visual Systems for the Jones Auditorium at the Air War College at Maxwell AFB, AL. We replaced the control room Audio/Video Controls with modern state of the art systems, including professional video production facilities, audio mixing, new remote cameras with remote controlled lenses, recalibration of the sound system with state of the art spectrum analyzer and audio test equipment, replacement of the audio mixer with a 32 channel analog mixer with 8 auxiliary sends, 8 subgroups, and individual channel mute On/Off LED, and replacing the existing AMX control system with a new wireless touch panel control.


Designed and Building the Class Room of the future for the Air War College at Maxwell AFB, AL. We are providing a technical solution to upgrade and integrate up to 21 classrooms. The AWC is the foremost center for air, space, and cyberspace education and thought, preparing the world's best joint strategic leaders. Annually, AWC prepares 265 resident and over 6,000 nonresident students from all US military services, federal agencies, and 45 other nations to lead in the strategic environment. To aid its mission, PearlNet is providing to the AWC a sophisticated standard classroom design that provides students and staff with a state-of-the-art, collaborative learning environment.

Florida Army National Guard, FL

Network and Telecom Infrastructure Installation

Travel through out the state of Florida installing, terminating, testing, labeling network cabling at 31 NG armories throughout the state of Florida. Installed cables are terminated using approved standard that matches each site and meet IAW local and federal building codes.

3rd ID Command and Control Facility, FT Stewart, GA

Audio Visual Systems and VTC

Build out of 17 VTC rooms in the new 3rd ID C2F at Ft Stewart. Design, installation, and test new Video Teleconferencing Facilities to support the Commanding General and his staff elements in both a classified (SIPRNET) and unclassified (NIPRNET) environment. Provided all new facilities, projectors, cameras, sound systems, presentation controls using wired and wireless touch panels, incorporating Tandberg GFE with fiber optic switches between SIPRNET and NIPRNET, large plasma and LCD TVs, symposiums, rack mounted audio/visual components, with facilitator desks to control operations and presentations online or remote, as well as installation of wiring, microphones, and speakers for all rooms.

94th Airlift Wing EMC, Dobbins ARB, GA

Engineer, furnish, install, and test the audio-visual system for two training classrooms of the Emergency Management Center (EMC).

Provided all materials, tools, equipment, transportation, and personnel for installation of SMART Board projection screen systems in Blg 462, at Dobbins ARB, GA. Provided each classroom with a wall-mounted 94" widescreen interactive SMART Board projection screen, and a ceiling mounted 3000 lumens widescreen high definition projector. Both training classrooms can display and interact with a TCC supplied computer with DVD capability. The intercom system supports audio playback, monitoring and talk back in the classroom. The main control units is a mixer amp and amplifier, which is housed in the computer cart. Each classroom has surface mount speakers and a ceiling mounted microphone.

7th Signal Command, FT Gordon, GA

Ops Center and Conference Room - Building 21715 Renovation

Provided modular and reconfigurable Operations Room Console that facilitate complex interaction between people, technology, environment, and adaptable to future C2 system upgrades.

Provided Consoles meet ergonomic standards, easily adapt to changes in layout and equipment, efficiently organize hardware and include structurally superior products that will withstand the stresses of around-the-clock 24/7/365 operations. Consoles have integrated cable management system that is an integral part of the console. Console completely encloses all electronic hardware as a part of the basic design of the console.

167th Theater Support Command, AL

Mobile Tactical Command Unit Solution

Provided Engineer, Install, Integrate, Program, and Test of a Mobile Tactical Command Unit that includes: Screen and Projection System, Video Wall Processor, Matrix Switcher, Audio Conference System, System Mobility and Configuration, and Control.

United States School of Information Technology, Fort Gordon, GA

Multi Purpose Rooms Audio Visual Solution

Provided Multi-Purpose Room Audio Visual System for Conferencing, Briefings, Video Teleconferencing and Classroom Sessions. The Display System include two 100" front projection screens, two ceiling mounted NEC NP4000 data projectors, one Tandberg 3000MXP codec (Includes Multi-Site and NPP), Pan Tilt Zoom Camera and one DVD/VCR combo unit. The Routing and Interfacing include three computer/ laptop interfaces and one Extron 8x8 matrix switcher/ router. The Control System include one AMX 10" wired color touch panel, one control processor, volume card and all necessary accessories.

Marine Special Operations School, S-6, Camp Lejeune, NC

Training Trailers Audio/Visual Solution

Engineer, install and integrate the audio/visual solution for MARSOC Training Trailers. We have designed a solution to integrate each room to the specifications required and also to expand for future integration where needed. This is based on the equipment we recommended originally that is being purchased directly by the end user (owner furnished equipment aka OFE).

1SOFSS/FSDE Education Center, Hulbert, Eglin AFB, FL

Field Video Monitoring System

Install a real-time, video system to monitor the electronic test examination rooms and common traffic areas within building 90220. The design and installation provides state-of-the-art technology to monitor record and archive video surveillance imagery to enhance building security and monitor student activity during examinations. All installed cabling meets Air Force quality, safety, and installation standards.

NRCC Installation DIV, FT EUSTIS, VA

Command Access Card (CAC) Readers

Provide 153,374 USB CAC Card Reader compliant with Windows XP all versions; Windows 2000; Windows 2003 server. SCR3310-cs scm scr3310 smart card reader. SHIPPING TO 79 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. The Army Training Support Center (ATSC), Training Program Management Team (TPMT), ACCP mission is expanding to include: CAC Enable Login, CAC Enabled Testing. Must be compatible with: Enterprise Blackboard Application Management System, SABA Learning Management System, Army Leader 21 (Warrior University) support, and Army Learning Management System (ALMS) migration from Distributed Learning System (DLS) to ATSC, as well as additional Staff and Faculty course offerings. 153,374 CAC Card Readers to be distributed to Army Reserve and Army National Guard units in support of the TPMT expanded mission of securing ACCP and Distributed Learning while supporting self-development.

Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Assurance Program is customer-focused and has been designed to involve the customer as an integral part of our quality process that our quality objectives meet the customer's needs, and that the customer knows and has visibility into our process, as well as having direct access to our metrics and measurements of performance during the life of the contract or duration of the task order.

PearlNet's Quality Objective

The outcome of our Quality Assurance Program is to ensure customer needs are met in the most effective, timely, and economical manner.

PearlNet's approach to quality assurance is derived from our implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 quality model, which is the key to our management of process quality, product quality, and continuous quality improvement processes. This provides us the best assurance of our delivering quality products on time and with consistency. At the core of this approach to managing our business processes is the development and structuring of repeatable processes. All functions that are frequently performed can be documented as a series of steps to be performed every time the function is initiated.

The goal of our quality assurance program is producing quality deliverables the first time, every time. That is not always possible. The more likely course of action is using a continuous improvement program that results in documented guides for all levels of performance. Thus, we are focusing on the processes by which functional quality requirements are applied to tasks, in-process reviews by our Management team for conformance to requirements and production quality reviews by our second level technical team prior to delivery.

Our formal, documented quality assurance plan is designed to maximize quality, keep defects from being introduced during the project development cycle, and ensure delivery of a quality product without the need for rework. It includes sets of repeatable processes and associated checklists that assure that all critical functions are performed for each task. The product is checked for form, format, and technical content before final delivery to the designated technical point of contact and other designated recipients of deliverables.

At certain points during the process a Q-gate (Quality gate) check is made to verify that the process has been followed correctly to that point, measurement data has been analyzed and reported, the product meets or exceeds the customer's requirements, and the project is ready to proceed to the next phase, or deficiencies or quality problems were encountered that must be corrected before the project is allowed to proceed to the next phase. QA and engineering must certify to project management that the project is ready to proceed to the next phase before management allows work to continue.

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